Multi-family Management

"With a long-term investment it is important to manage the property with a long-term vision. Nordblom has been able to consider the needs of the building, its tenants, and its owners in developing and executing plans that maintain the long-term viability of the property." Trustee Statement, Congress Street Associates

Nordblom's Multifamily Management Group is based out of our Brookline office, and currently manages 10 properties throughout Greater Boston. Our team mitigates the risk of property ownership, manages both daily and long-term capital expenses, and ultimately creates value for real estate investments.

Nordblom's management clients include private owners, non-profit trusts, and institutional investors. Our philosophy remains that while each property must be looked at as an investment, it is also a home and needs to be cared for as such. Our experience and professional expertise ensure our landlord clients this peace of mind and provide residents with a truly enjoyable living experience.

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