Development Services And Solutions

"We are extremely happy with the Network Drive campus and the Nordblom team's management of our space and the property. They worked closely with us to ensure a smooth transition as we moved into the property and have continued to be very responsive to our needs. One of our top priorities is future expansion and Nordblom Company came up with flexible solutions to accommodate our growth needs." Ed Furlong, Chief Operating Officer, Exa Corporation

Nordblom offers executive-level commitment to all of our clients. Our staff has a proven track record in commercial, multifamily and institutional development.

All of our projects, from master-planning large business parks to relatively minor office space build-outs, are handled by seasoned real estate professionals.


New Development 
From land acquisition and site planning, through permitting and ground-up construction, to tenant move-in, Nordblom has mastered the complicated process of taking a new development off the drawing board and into the ground.

As New England 's market leader for redevelopment services, Nordblom has the vision to unlock the true value of underutilized assets, and the equity-driven relationships to make them successful.
Lexington Corporate Center

Tenant Improvement/Build-Out 
Nordblom provides workplace solutions tailored to meet each client's specific needs. Much more than just laying out cubicles and offices, the services that Nordblom provides create modern work environments for a variety of uses in a cost-efficient and timely manner.


New Development
The Nordlom Residential team has both experience and vision into market selection and value creation; targeting sites that provide superior development opportunities.  These properties are typically located where professionals are seeking dynamic living environments.  The team focuses on designing unique and desirable product and then shepherding the property through the site planning, design, permitting and ground-up construction process.   The Nordblom Management, Accounting and Development teams work hand-in-hand to create the top product in each  submarket, while being on time and within budget.  As such, they provide the best possible experience for the residents, while enhancing value and the returns for the investors.
Marion Square
The Residential Management team has extensive expertise in modest-to-full renovations ranging from  the infrastructure and amenities to the entire apartment homes. The team consists of strong property management oversight with on-staff construction management and strict project accounting which results in substantially improved asset operations and returns.  These upgrades or redevelopments also result in a higher quality of living for residents.
Pelham Hall
The Regent

Institutional/Non-Profit Development 
Unlike corporate real estate development, institutional real estate development often requires building consensus around a focused agenda within unique budgetary constraints, and financial parameters. Nordblom takes the institution’s vision and delivers a facility that supports the institution’s mission.
Milton Academy